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Protect your family from dangerous mosquito spread virus transmissions

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Palm Coast Mosquito Control

Instead of using less effective spraying treatments,

All Star Pest Control

employs a revolutionary new and highly effective green method for baiting, trapping and controlling the king of all Florida pests, the Mosquito! Our specialized traps are placed near breeding sites to ingeniously contaminate and kill mosquitos and their offspring. This uniquely effective method for Palm Coast mosquito control is perfect for homeowners who want a safe and environmentally friendly solution that gives them the freedom to enjoy the outdoors year-round without being eaten alive!

These powerful traps are non-toxic to children and pets and the all black color of each trap is easily hidden and blends into any outdoor landscaping area.

Stop Mosquito's Dead!

Call All Star Pest Control today to schedule a free mosquito control inspection to learn how we can help protect your family and friends from dangerous mosquito spread virus transmissions (Dengue, Chikungunya or Zika virus).