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Rodent Infestations on the Rise in Daytona Beach Florida

As building and development expand reducing the natural habitat where rodents live more rats and mice are invading Florida attics and homes making rodent infestations the most pressing and difficult to manage and control pest issue facing many cities and towns in Florida. The roof rat, which is prevalent in the Southeast, cause significant damage by chewing through wires that can lead to house fires, gnawing on pipes and plumbing creating water damage and destroying expensive insulation and air conditioning duct work leading to cooling system inefficiencies in your home. Rodents contaminate food by carrying bacteria like salmonella and both rats and mice carry and spread various diseases that can cause serious illness and even prove to be fatal.

How to Spot a Rodent Infestation




You find rat or mouse droppings



You hear scratching, scurrying, squeaking noises coming from your attic, garage or crawlspace



Finding chewed wires or food packages/cartons



Finding food or crumbs in places it shouldn’t be



Finding dead rats or mice







Expert Critter Control Daytona Beach

Rats and mice are highly suspicious and incredibly adaptable creatures and most over the counter poisons and traps will be severely limited in their effectiveness at controlling a rodent infestation. As part of our rodent control services All Star Pest Control technicians perform a powerful combination of trapping and baiting to effectively target the areas where rodents like to travel. Our incredibly affordable rodent service rates and our 30-day guarantee ensure our customers rodent problems will be taken care of leaving them thrilled with the results.