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Bed Bug Removal Sanford

Just the thought of having bed bugs crawling over you and biting is enough to make anyone lose sleep and bed bug infestations are on the rise in the US, with an NPMA survey reporting 1 in 5 Americans know someone or have encountered a bed bug infestation themselves!

Not to worry, the bed bug experts at All Star Pest Control use a proven four step solution that guarantees bed bug removal in Sanford homes.

Our 4-step process includes the following:

1. Mattress/Box spring encasement

This process kills all bed bugs wherever they’re hiding and burrowing and protects your bed from additional infestation while keeping your mattress fresh

2. Bed Protection

We monitor bed bug activity and movement to keep them from accessing their feeding source… YOU & YOUR BED!

3. Heat & Steam Cleaning Treatment

We use specialized tools to steam clean and kill bugs hiding throughout the infested area (carpeting, clothes, books, furniture, etc) and vacuum remaining bugs and eggs away.

4. Spray & Powder Treatments

Finally, we use a powerful combination of specifically designed contact sprays to instantly kill any remaining bugs followed by residual sprays and powder treatments that provide up to 3 months of protection against bed bugs.

Signs you NEED our Bed Bug Treatment!

You can see live bugs

You have tiny red, itchy bites on your body

You find tiny white eggs or shed skins in the edges or creases in your mattress

You see red (blood) stains, smears or spots on your sheets, sofa, or chairs

You find fecal matter which appears as tiny black dots

You smell a strange odor that won’t go away

Bed Bugs Can Come from Anywhere!